The Best Calorie-Burning Exercises

What Are The Best Exercises To Lose Weight?

To lose weight, you only need to do two things. The first of them is eating right, and the other is exercise.

However, anyone overweight likely scoffs at the idea of exercise, and aren’t inclined to join a gym. Why should they? Gyms aren’t everyone’s thing, especially if you already don’t have a lot of energy, dislike mirrors, hate the music they play, and can’t stand spending time on machines everyone else touches and sweats on.


But you have to get exercise somewhere. So what’s the fitness achievement best exercise for losing some weight? In short, it’s anything you’re physically capable of doing safely, can regularly do, and enjoy doing so you’re more likely to stick with it.

Walking is something you should consider. It might be a big reason you were skinnier as a kid or even in college. You walked to and from your bus stop, or maybe even too school. You also walked around school between classes a lot. Now you likely sit down a lot and use a car. Regardless of how to fit you might or might not be, walking is good for you. Incorporate walking into your daily life easily by just going for a morning or evening stroll. You might even do it on a lunch break to get some fresh air out of the office. Get a dog, so you have to walk all the time and have some company!

It doesn’t even have to be daily walking either. Experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week, so a weekend walk in the park or hiking are great to do with friends and family. Walking also has the benefit of being free.

Cycling is another good exercise you can do. Is cycling to work possible? Are there parks with trails or even easy races you could compete in? It’s a great way to make an environmental statement, and it might just let you relive something from your childhood that you use to love.

Do you have someone you love that wants to get active too? Consider dancing. You can take dance lessons together at an area school, or you can do it in your kitchen following online videos.

Swimming is a great way of losing weight that’s also fun, relaxing, and won’t get you hot and sweaty. Join a community pool, or if you live in a complex that has a pool for residents, be ready when it opens up for the summer.

Again, the best exercises for losing weight meet three criteria. First, it has to be something you’re physically capable of safely doing, which your doctor can tell you. Second, you need to be able to do it regularly, if not daily. Third, you need to enjoy it, so you stick with it.

Having said all that, fitness should be a lifetime thing, so consider finding several activities you can do so that you can rotate them seasonally and avoid burnout or boredom with your routine. That way, you’ll keep moving.